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cTrader is well recognized for being a transparent trading platform, it is also offers free FIX API trading and Open API trading interfaces.

We provide you the best service that benefits your forex brokerage business and give you flexible solutions. We use all the vital information like indicators, charts, and prices that are available in one click. cTrader help’s you to look at the depth of the market and shows the full range of executable prices.

Some extra merits that cTrader offers include are much more timeframes and the ability to show ticks on the main chart where indicators and different chart types can be used. cTrader allows you to place pending orders even when the market is closed.

 cTrader makes it very easy to configure order protection settings before entering the market.

Become a cTrader Broker & get the Complete Range solution

  • Unlimited Live Accounts.
  • 5 Groups.
  • 4 Manager Accounts.
  • 85 Unique Symbols.
  • Responsive Website.
  • Your Brand cTrader Terminal.

At Finovace we strive for excellence in turnkey solution development and cTrader platform servicing. With us, forex brokers expand the technological means necessary to attract new clients, better competitors, and handle their Work more efficiently.

We offer you the chance to use the part of the multi-assets cTrader platform. Our smart solutions contain the unique needs of our clients, allowing them to run their brokerage business more efficiently.

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