Finovace Business Technologies UK Limited is the company providing IT and business-related solutions across the world.
Now we are IT, ITES, Fintech, and BPM solutions firm with offices in UK and India

At Finovace, we make every effort to provide excellent turnkey solutions and cTrader platforms. With us, forex brokers can expand their technological needs, necessary to attract new clients, surpass competitors, and manage their business more professionally.

cTrader has very fast execution and offer several trading tools for their users. The maximum number of brokers across the world using this software, which we provide to our customers the opportunity to trade on this award-winning platform, the ability to see live streaming prices and charts, to place orders and manage their accounts easily.

Finovace provides a complete setup of cTrader White Label solution to arrive in the Forex market through our White Label Program which will allow you to utilize our best in class technology.

Become a cTrader Broker and get the Complete Range of solution:-

  • Your Brand cTrader Terminal
  • Unlimited Live Accounts.
  • 8 Manager Accounts.
  • 10 Groups.
  • 100+ Unique Symbols.
  • Responsive Website.

Also unlock the additional benefits of Finovace:-

Finovace teams of professionals are ready to answer your questions, guide you to the right solution with our product and guidance.

To discuss more about cTrader to see how we can save your time, money while maximizing the performance & stability of your fx infrastructure. Our support team will be available 24/5.

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