Introduction to cTrader

Spotware has created cTrader and has performed countless updates. The Spotware has proofed itself to be very trader centric by providing meaningful updates based on community feedback. As well, the company endeavors to follow its own trademarked Traders First approach.

General Navigation

cTrader has a clean and modern interface, especially when compared to Other Trading Platforms. While the colors of the chart elements can be extensively customized on both platforms, cTrader Provide light and dark theme. This may seem trivial but actually makes a big impact on users in different environments.


The first key difference is the way you interact with charts. On other Trading Platforms you need to select the active chart, and then apply any changes to settings. On cTrader, each chart has its own toolbar to make it a bit easier to control charts. Both platforms come equipped with an almost equal number of indicators.

Order Types

In order types, both platforms have the most important order types. In this respect, the key differences to note are how the order types function. A good example of this would be cTrader allowing you to place pending orders even when the market is closed. Other Trading Platforms do not allow this.


cTrader and other trading platforms are available on Windows Desktop, Web, iOS and Android. cTrader gives all brokers all the versions of the applications they offer.

Key Differences

The big differences between cTrader and other trading platforms are slightly lost on manual traders. cTrader also offers free and available FIX API trading and Open API trading interfaces.


For a new trader and looking for a platform to try, we strongly recommend you to go with cTrader.

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