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cTrader has a clean and modern interface, they offer a light and dark theme. This may look trivial but actually makes a big impact on users in different environments. On cTrader, each chart has its own toolbar to make it a bit easier to control charts. A few major advantages that cTrader has are a chart linking feature and detachable charts. This allows you to spread your charts across many monitors.

Some additional merits that cTrader offers include are much more timeframes and the ability to show ticks on the main chart where indicators and different chart types can be used. cTrader allows you to place pending orders even when the market is closed. cTrader makes it very simple to configure order protection settings before entering the market.

Become a cTrader Broker & get the Complete Range solution

  • Unlimited Live Accounts.
  • 4 Manager Accounts.
  • 5 Groups.
  • Your Brand cTrader Terminal
  • 85 Unique Symbols.
  • Responsive Website.

cTrader is definitely the clear winner when it comes to aesthetics and it does have the upper hand thanks to the transparency factors. We will strongly recommend you to go with the cTrader.

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